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Superwool Plus Blanket

Superwool® Plus Fibre Classification Temperature 1300°C meets the standards of NOTA Q, from the classification and labelling regulation in Europe. These products are special alkaline earth composition fibres which have been uniquely engineered to cope with high temperature insulation applications.


This product is manufactured using QS 9000/ISO 9002-certified processes, it has an excellent thermal stability and preserves its original soft structure up to the classification temperature. Superwool Blanket has neither binder nor lubricant, it is easy to cut and install as it is made from high insulation wool. It has a good resistant to tearing and is immune to thermal shock.


Superwool Fibre offers low thermal conductivity, low heat storage, good sound absorption, it is highly resistant to chemicals and it is flexible and resilient which means it will easily wrap around hot equipment.



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