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Paroc H and V Pipe Section

In this section you will find Paroc H&V (Heating & Ventilation) pipe section insulation to suit a large range of pipe diameters.

H&V sections are strong lengths of pre-formed insulation with a one-piece, factory applied foil facing with integral self -adhesive lap. The integral lap ensures fast and easy installation: just snap the sections onto the pipe, peel off the backing tape and smooth down for a completely sealed joint. The sections are designed for thermal and acoustic insulation of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning pipework operating in the temperature range 0°C to 700°C.


Benefits to H&V Pipe Section include the following:


The normal Density is not less that 120 kg/m3, the efficient high performance barrier which is provided by reinforced foil with intergral lap. It offers fast and simple installation reducing tape requirement and inculdes a self adhesive lap which has been formulated to provide a strong bond with long life. Additionally this section is non-combustible as well as water repellent, although if used or stored in the open insulation should also be protected with a waterproof covering. When insulating cold pipes, joints should be sealed with foil tape to protect against condensation. It conforms to BS 3958-4 and BS 5422, has specific heat of Rockwool is 0.84kj/kgk (nom) at 20°C and is rated Class 0 finish.


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